What if work were fun? BRED is an interactive art project – and fictional company – inviting you to rethink value and productivity. Both humourous and thought-provoking, at BRED you’ll get up close and personal with bread dough, move your body, and more.

24-28 May, Barnstaple, Devon, England
BRED takes over a vacant storefront in Barnstaple’s Green Lanes. Over these five days, our fictional company will aim to grow the team – and you’re invited to come try out ‘working’ with us. All ages and all levels of experience are welcome.
Open hours: 11am-4pm. Come and go as you please.
Disco Brunch with BRED, an informal gathering for eating, chatting and a boogie, is on Sunday from 10:30-12:30. Booking is essential for this event. BOOK HERE

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BRED team:

Julia Pond (Founder and CEO)
Manuela Albrecht (VP)
Michaela Gerussi (Office Manager)
Sam Gilroy (High-Performing Officer, in office on Sunday and Monday)
Heidi Rustgaard (Performance Consultant)

Thanks to North Devon Council/Flourishing Barnstaple and Green Lanes for making it possible to open our doors. Thanks to local partners in Barnstaple: East and West Bakery, St. John’s Garden Centre, Lifestyle Office Furniture for installation materials.

BRED has been presented at TripSpace’s Make Movement Matter Festival, Trinity Laban, Calm Down Dear Festival at Camden People’s Theatre, Gallery Lock-in Brighton, and Open House Hackney / Intercultural Roots, and further developed at residencies with Pavilion Dance Southwest (Bournemouth) and third-theatre collective Cross-Pollination at Stendis / Odin Teatret (Denmark). An excerpt of the full installation, called The Manager (festo) can be presented as a stand-alone performance.

Thanks to Mia Schmidt for previous artistic collaboration, to Florence Peake, Kirsty Alexander and Naomi Lefebvre-Sell for support on the research.

Video (collaboration and creative editing): Gani Naylor.