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The funds will support a trial of PAYING our workers. This is more of an experiment than it sounds: we are a participatory performance that acts as a corporation in order to criticise our broken concepts of value and the productivity culture that keeps us going 24/7 at the expense of health and happiness. Now we want to start paying the participants/audience/YOU with cash and send everyone home with some freshly-baked bread to boot. If this experiment goes well, we will use all available funds to get set up for a longer period in a shop front and freely distribute performance, and profits, to people. What we raise will determine how much we can pay. It’s performance as an income redistribution tool – and you can be part of it.

Autumn Dates:
Make Movement Matter Festival, Tripspace, London 10/11 September
Draper Hall, London – end of September TBC
HorsLits Festival: Venice, 15 / 16 October

BRED Trailer

About BRED: BRED is a performance project and fictional company that is rethinking value and productivity. Using materials bread dough, powerpoint and the body, the experience of working at BRED’s offices is characterised by shifting temporalities, and blurrings of language and lingo. All audience are participants, and all participants are workers…over your time at the company, you may build your capacity to wait-with, gain insight into what really makes a great manager, and even be part of a top-secret new project.

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BRED was initially created via research for my MFA in Creative Practice: Dance Professional at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance / Independent Dance, which achieved an outstanding distinction and was supervised by Kirsty Alexander and Florence Peake. This video was created with the collaboration and creative editing of Gani Naylor.