What if work were fun? BRED is a participatory performance – and fictional company – inviting you to rethink value and productivity. Both humourous and thought-provoking, at BRED you’ll get up close and personal with bread dough, move your body, and more.

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Production pack

In 2022 BRED was presented at TripSpace’s Make Movement Matter Festival, Calm Down Dear Festival at Camden People’s Theatre, Gallery Lock-in Brighton, and Open House Hackney / Intercultural Roots, and further developed at a residency with third-theatre collective Cross-Pollination at Stendis / Odin Teatret (Denmark). An excerpt of the full installation, called The Manager (festo) can be presented as a stand-alone performance.

BRED features Manuela Albrecht and was made with her creative input. Mia Schmitt joined the team in 2023.

BRED was initially created via research for my MFA in Creative Practice: Dance Professional at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance / Independent Dance, which achieved an outstanding distinction and was supervised by Kirsty Alexander and Florence Peake. This video was created with the collaboration and creative editing of Gani Naylor.