“…there is a freshness and freedom in Pond’s interpretation”

– Nicholas Minns

“One can witness the power of Duncan’s pioneering technique”

– Cloud Dance Festival

As a direct lineage Duncan dancer since 2001, I have been personally coached in the early 20th century inherited repertory by Lori Belilove, Barbara Kane, Cherlyn Smith and Julia Levien, and have taught and performed this technique throughout the United States and Europe. I co-initiated the Duncan Dance Project, a repertory company active between 2015-2019, and co-organised the Isadora Duncan Symposium between 2014-2018. Between 2001-2005 I was a member of the Isadora Dance Company directed by Lori Belilove and between 2012-2016 I was active in Barbara Kane’s Isadora Duncan Dance Group London / Paris, during which time I also initiated research / exchange weeks with Birgit Pittig, a contemporary Duncan artist trained in the Elizabeth Duncan technique by Hannelore Schick, and Francoise Rageau, a direct lineage dancer in the Lisa Duncan school from Paris, along with Valerie Durham and Barbara Kane.  I particularly love working with the repertory in creative ways and have worked with Round in Circles productions and Dan Chilcott in Margate to incorporate Duncan into contemporary performance research as well as with Cambridge Youth Opera, as well as performed Duncan repertory in gallery spaces like Calvert22 (London) Irina Sirotkina and Roger Smith’s London book launch, and the Modigliani Institut, Rome. The above video was filmed in Rome during the ExitFestival and is a compilation of repertory works Chopin Prelude No. 7, Moment Musicale, an improvisation, and Chopin’s Minute Waltz.