DanceOutsideDance Podcast

DanceOutsideDance is a collaboration with Laura Colomban, Michaela Gerussi and Alice Gale-Feeny. It is a conversational research forum and available everywhere you listen to podcasts (Spotify, Apple, etc). DanceOutsideDance launched on 8 April 2021. 

DanceOutsideDance is a podcast of interdisciplinary conversations. We consider it an open research forum; a bridging space where we embrace the unresolved. Our investigations engage with diverse modalities and approaches to collaboration, technology and digital media, performance making, relational practice, neuroscience, anthropology and somatics.

We try to listen to what arises in the episodes to cultivate critical thinking and open dialogue.

DanceOutsideDance is artist-led and self-funded. To support the podcast, donate to

Intro Soundtrack created by Tom Reeves.

Laura Colomban is developing a bespoke cyclical creative process through performance-making which integrates circular methodologies through expanded choreography and auditory investigation, specifically creating sites within sites through voice, movement, and sound groundwork.

Alice Gale-Feeny is currently developing a performance practice that investigates the emergent potentials of speaking aloud and being with objects as a way to occupy a middle ground between self/selves and other(s).

Michaela Gerussi is a dance artist researching the complexities of how we sense ourselves. Informed by her studies in Craniosacral Biodynamics, her practice is concerned with the intersection of the nervous system, self-regulation, affect and dance-making.