I am an experienced and creative dance, movement and yoga teacher who has been designing learning experiences for over 20 years. I bring excellent facilitation skills to build safe spaces for artistic experimentation, interdisciplinary perspectives to situate movement in the wider world, and a healthy dose of humour to support playful productivity. I have worked with professional dancers, actors, adults, teens and children. Teaching areas of expertise are choreographic and creative practice, contemporary dance technique, Duncan technique and repertory, somatics, and yoga. Teaching credits include Independent Dance, Lincoln University, People’s Friendship University of Moscow, Intercultural Roots, Greenwich Dance Agency, Bernie Grant Centre, Cambridge Youth Opera, Tribe of Doris Festival, and Margate Festival among many others in Italy and the US.

Enquiries: Info@juliapond.com

Photo credit for this page: Mia Schmitt, 2023
taken during Independent Dance’s Monday Night Improvisation at Siobhan Davies Studios