BRED (2021)

An immersive, participatory installation, a creative fiction where everyone is ‘hired’ at a company called BRED, which is ‘rethinking value and productivity’. The work both embodies and critiques economic growth and productivity culture, through materials including bread dough, powerpoint, and movement.
BRED was initially developed during my MFA research at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance where I was the recipient of a Leverhulme Scholar Award. The dissertation engaging with practice and performance, and discourse on value, received an outstanding distinction. BRED will open its doors again in London spring 2022.

DanceOutsideDance (2021)

DanceOutsideDance is a podcast of interdisciplinary conversations. We consider it an open research forum; a bridging space where we embrace the unresolved. Our investigations engage with diverse modalities and approaches to collaboration, technology and digital media, performance making, relational practice, neuroscience, anthropology and somatics.

We try to listen to what arises in the episodes to cultivate critical thinking and open dialogue.

Outside/In (2016)

Outside / In was created in collaboration with Suiko McCall through a process of meditation, movement, video and conversation. This video was originally performed with live movement at the Shambhala Center London.
Music: Meredith Monk

Bach Motets (2012)

Bach Motets was a choreographed concert commissioned by the Musicall Compass and performed at St. John’s Smith Square. I aimed not to visualise the music but to bring the sound and movement of bodies together in an expanded choreographic sense. Early Music Review wrote that “the choreography was flowing and coherent…like a couple of PiĆ©tas.”